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Welcome New Residents
Welcome New Residents For all of those neighbor’s that just moved into the
neighborhood, we would like to send you a sincere welcome!

We hope that each of you has the opportunity to
meet your new neighbors and should you have any
questions regarding the neighborhood, please feel
free to reach out to C.I.A. Services or to the Board of

We are glad you are here!!!


Pool The resident’s pool is located at 13362 Huntsman Rd. 

Pool Schedule:
Pre-Season: May 27 - May 29 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Regular Season: June 8 - August 26 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Post Season: August 31 - September 3 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Pool opens after school is out for the summer. Pool will be officially closed for the season after Labor Day weekend. 


Picture I.D.s for the pool are issued at the C.I.A. office and it costs $10.00 per person (anyone over age of 8 must obtain one). Check or money order only made payable to C.I.A. Services.

If you just require 2018 stickers, please fill out the Pool/Photo I.D. Form located on the Community Documents page and email it to Customer Care at

8 Guests allowed per family. Each card holder is NOT allowed a guest.

Outside membership is provided to Hunters Brook, Rivermist, Cambridge & Woller Creek residents. The membership fee is $50.00 and anyone over the age of 8 must obtain a pool card. The pool picture I.D. card can be obtained at the office for a cost of $10.00 each. Check can be made out to C.I.A. Services.

Pool party reservations are available during normal pool season only. Please contact Seven Wells at 210-464-2772 for more information or to book your reservation.

Homeowners must have a pass with stickers and be current on assessments for any rentals.

Tenants must provide a copy of driver license & current lease to C.I.A. Services first.

Outside membership members cannot reserve the pool for private parties.

Park In the park, there is a playground, basketball court, and play scapes. There is also a small pavillion that is available anytime for residents to use. It is located at 7511 Tantara Court and it’s on a first come basis.


Board of Directors
Board of Directors The Association is operated by a 7 member Board of Directors who volunteer their time for the benefit of the community. 

The Board members are elected by the membership at the annual meeting. The terms held is determined by the position. The Annual meeting is held in January of each year. If a director is unable to complete their full term, the Board will appoint someone to fill that seat until that term expires. 

A list of the current board members is available on the Key Personnel page. 

The Board of Directors elects the officers after the annual meeting. The term of all officers is staggered. A description of each position is available on the Become a Volunteer page. 

The Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis to conduct the business of the association. The meeting agenda is posted at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.

All meetings are open to residents. If there is a specific topic you would like placed on the agenda, please contact your community representative at least ten days in advance.

Exterior Modifications
Exterior Modifications All exterior alterations or improvements to property in Hunters Chase must be reviewed and approved in advance of construction by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Residents must submit a home improvement application describing the work to be performed. The ACC will review the request and render a decision. If it is not approved as submitted, the ACC may provide suggestions for making changes so it can be resubmitted for approval.   

To complete your application, click on Ask. Request. Submit. There you will enter all of the information needed in order for the committee to make an informed decision. Any applications dealing with the exterior appearance of the house (such as painting or roofing) must be accompanied with project details or the application might be disapproved for lack of information. Also include a plat map or survey of the property that indicates the project in conjunction to the property lines and easements when applicable.  

As soon as you have gathered your information, you are ready to get started.

Visit the Community Documents page to review all of the Hunters Chase governing documents or click Modification Guidelines.

Assessments The 2017 Assessment has been set at $239.50, the same amount as last year.  

Assessments are due January 1st of each year. If you would like to make payment arrangements, please contact C.I.A. Services.

Every owner has an obligation to pay the annual assessment. If you do not receive a statement, please submit an accounts receivable request to C.I.A. Services to confirm your balance and ensure it is paid on time. 

You may submit your payment by mail, in person, or online.

Services and Utilities

Streetlight Repair Requests
Streetlight Repair Requests CPS Energy provides and maintains streetlights throughout the Greater San Antonio area. To report a light that is no longer working, use the online streetlight repair request form or call 210-353-2222.

Electricity CPS Energy provides both natural gas and electric service to residents in and around San Antonio, including Bexar County and portions of Atascosa, Bandera, Comal, Guadalupe, Kendall, Medina and Wilson counties.

Billing or Service Questions:     210-353-2222
Electric or Gas Emergency:       210-353-HELP (4357)

Water Services
Water Services Hunters Chase HOA is maintained by SAWS (San Antonio Water System).

SAWS Main Office
2800 U.S. Hwy 281 North 
San Antonio, TX 78212 

Trash Services
Trash Services Trash service is provided by City of San Antonio, Solid Waste Management Department.

Garbage collection days are Tuesdays and recycle collection days are Fridays.

City of San Antonio, Solid Waste Management Dept.
4410 W. Piedras Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78228

Important Contacts

San Antonio Numbers and Links
San Antonio Numbers and Links City of San Antonio
City Building Inspections: 210-207-8220
City Clerk: 210-207-7253
Code Compliance: 210-207-7230 or 311
Municipal Courts: 210-207-8970
City Planning: 210-207-7860
Traffic Enforcement: 210-207-7400
Parks & Recreation: 210-207-8480
SAPD Non-Emergency: 210-207-7273
Request City Services: 311
Animal Control: 210-207-4738
Save a Snake: 210-736-3171

Bexar County
Bexar County Sheriff: 210-335-6000
Bexar County Public Works: 210-335-6700

CPS Energy
Gas or Electric Trouble: 210-353-4357
Billing or Service Questions: 210-353-2222

San Antonio Water Systems (SAWS)
General Office: 210-704-7297
Service Trouble: 210-227-6143


Overall Calendar


San Antonio Crime Information

San Antonio Crime Information

San Antonio has a great website that puts crime data at your fingertips. Click here to see police calls for service and crime maps for your neighborhood or any other part of the City. You can also see the official uniform crime statistics for the San Antonio and access the state’s sex offender registry. 


Northside Independent School District

Northside Independent School District

Northside ISD
Central Office
5900 Evers Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78238
Phone: 210-397-8500 

Scobee Elementary School
11223 Cedar Park 
San Antonio, TX 78249 
Phone: 210-397-0700

Stinson Middle School
13200 Skyhawk Dr. 
San Antonio, TX 78249 
Phone: 210-397-3600 
Fax: 210-561-3609

Brandeis High School
13011 Kyle Seale Parkway 
San Antonio, TX 78249 
Phone: 210-397-8200

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