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At its core C.I.A. Services is a learning organization. We place a high priority on learning, analyzing, research and planning. We also love sharing our expertise with others and one of our greatest assets is the training and guidance we provide our clients (board members and volunteers).

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Course Descriptions

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Texas 87th Legislative Session [ + ]

The 2021 session of the Texas legislature produced significant changes to the Texas Property Code affecting property owners’ associations. This video explores those changes and provides specific follow-up recommendations.

View Texas 87th Legislative Session on our YouTube channel now!

Advanced Topics for Board Members [ + ]

After you’ve been on the Board a few months or a few years, you realize that some things are pretty complicated. This seminar has a heavy legal and legislative orientation. We’ll dissect the lawsuit process, review foreclosures and bankruptcies, and discuss significant portions of the Texas Property Code and federal law. After all the legal stuff, we’ll touch on aspects of “risk management” which includes insurance, reserves and budgeting concepts. 

View Advanced Topics for Board Members on our YouTube channel now!

The Super-Budgeting Process [ + ]

“Super-Budgeting” is our term for preparing a comprehensive long term budget and business plan. This isn’t something you do on the back of an envelope an hour before the budget meeting. We’ll break the process down into understandable components and show you how assets and reserves fit in the picture. We’ll start with a simple question that very few people can answer correctly: “How much money should our Association have in the bank?” By the end of the seminar, you’ll know the correct answer for your Association. This is a critical seminar to take before you start looking at budgets.

View The Super-Budgeting Process on our YouTube channel now.

Board Member Orientation [ + ]

This seminar is a must for all new Board members and a great refresher for seasoned veterans. It will help you get up to speed quickly by understanding your responsibilities and authorities. We’ll review each of the documents that govern the way you do business. We’ll give you an overview of the governing documents, basis of authority, conduct of meetings, elections, collections, deed restrictions, architectural control and many other important topics.

View Board Member Orientation on our YouTube channel now!

Meetings & Records - The Legal Requirements [ + ]

This is a critical seminar for understanding the legal responsibilities of board members and their associations under the laws enacted in the 82nd legislative session. This seminar deals with board and members meetings and how those meetings must be announced, conducted and documented. We’ll review what can be done in board executive sessions and unannounced meetings. We’ll cover elections and voting. And finally, we’ll explain members’ access to Association records. This is an extremely important seminar for all board members.

View Meetings and Records - The Legal Requirements on our YouTube channel now!

Essentials of Architectural Control [ + ]

Your governing documents provide authority to regulate design and appearance of any construction, improvements or alterations within the community. This is a powerful authority with an obligation that it be used sensibly. This seminar will explain the range and limits of this authority, demonstrate the role of architectural guidelines, describe the interplay between deed restrictions issues and ACC issues, and touch on handling the tough ACC problems.

View The Essentials of Architectural Control on our YouTube channel now!

Community Website Administrator Training [ + ]

This is the required training course for certification as a Community Website Administrator (CWSA) on the C.I.A Services web site ( As a CWSA you’ll be able to maintain the pages for your community. You’ll be able to create news and events, update key personnel, add community information, display photos, conduct surveys and much more. Being a website administrator is very easy on and you can do it from anywhere you have an Internet connection. 

All CWSA training is done by webinar in the comfort of your home two times per year.  Check our eNews Monthly regularly for the next webinar announcement.

Understanding Collections & Financial Reports [ + ]

The first half of this seminar will cover all the steps involved in successful assessment collections. Since not everyone pays on time, we’ll get into late fees, liens, payment plans, bankruptcy and all the legal remedies. The second half of the seminar deals with reading and understanding your financial reports. We’ll trace the flow of money throughout the reports so you’ll never be in the dark when staring at all those numbers.

View Understanding Collections and Financial Reports on our YouTube channel now!

Practical Deed Restriction Management [ + ]

Deed restriction management is one of the most difficult tasks handled by homeowners associations because it involves subjective decisions, homeowner’s property and emotions. This seminar covers the steps in deed restriction management and how a process can contain “intelligence” and common sense. We discuss the relation between deed restrictions and architectural guidelines and give you examples of well crafted guidelines. Practical deed restriction management requires clear communications and reasonable requirements.

View Practical Deed Restriction Management on our YouTube channel now!

You Tube Channel

We now offer each of our seminars in the form of a recorded webcast on demand for you to watch at any time! If you have missed a seminar, our seminars are available on our YouTube channel. The following seminars are now available:

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