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" I have worked with C.I.A. Services for the past seven years. From the Community Manger down the chain of command the professionalism is outstanding. A great management staff makes a Board run more smoothly and productively. As the President, they make my duties throughout the month as painless as possible. I would highly recommend them to any Association looking for a more productive, positive way of having their Association managed. Take a look and see the difference!  "
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C.I.A. Services has been providing expert advice and services to community associations since 1984, which means we have a lot of quality information we like to share.

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This is our illustrated glossary of terms used in community associations.  Need to know about CC&Rs, soffits or abstracts of judgment?  This is the place for you.  And if we’re missing a term you don’t understand, just ask us - we’ll send you an answer via email and post the definition here!  More...

If we are outside when the mosquito foggers go through the community, are the chemicals used safe for my family and pets? Generally, there is no need to relocate during mosquito control fogging. The insecticides have been evaluated for this use and have been found to pose minimal risk to human health... More »