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" I attended your fantastic seminar on last night about the "New Laws Affecting Homeowner Associations".  The speaker really did a wonderful job of explaining all of the new laws to us and particularly willing to share this information with us for free.  Thanks again for that."
Self-Managed Association Board Member
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C.I.A. Services has been providing expert advice and services to community associations since 1984, which means we have a lot of quality information we like to share.

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There are many websites out there with related information and resources you may find useful. Here are a few we recommend.  More...

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This is our illustrated glossary of terms used in community associations.  Need to know about CC&Rs, soffits or abstracts of judgment?  This is the place for you.  And if we’re missing a term you don’t understand, just ask us - we’ll send you an answer via email and post the definition here!  More...

How can I remove the oil stains on my driveway? There are several products currently on the market to help remove oil stains from concrete. One product is called DRIVE UP and another option is called RESTORE. These products... More »