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Billing and Collections

  • Mail annual assessment billing with cover letter, budget and statement
  • Provide automatic multi-payment option for owners’ annual assessment
  • Work with owners on payment plans, as needed, and monitor compliance
  • Prepare proof of claim for owners filing bankruptcy and monitor payments
  • Carry out a structured delinquent collections process including legal remedies
  • Prepare and file notices of lien and releases in-house to reduce collection costs
  • Coordinate all legal activities with attorney after Board approval
  • Maintain lockbox system where owner payments are mailed directly to bank
  • Provide online payment option for owners using credit cards or electronic checks

Financial Services

  • Monthly reconciliation of all bank accounts
  • Monthly financial statements with custom, detailed & readable reports
  • Payables review/approval and check disbursements
  • Computer check printing to eliminate the need to purchase checks
  • Investments administration
  • Detailed budget preparation with reserve analysis and long term projections

Administrative Expense Recovery

  • Chargebacks at certain steps in delinquent collections process
  • Chargebacks at certain steps in deed restrictions management process
  • Recovered fees split between community and management to offset costs
  • Management portion paid only after community receives payment from owner

Deed Restriction Management

  • Assign a specialized inspector to each community
  • Perform full community inspections every two weeks
  • Use a proprietary violation tracking and management system
  • Perform all violation follow-up including legal remedies
  • Mail "Thank You" letters for corrected violations
  • Perform all work done in compliance with the Texas Property Code
  • Handle complete processing of ACC submissions from receipt to response
  • Provide experienced assistance in preparing DR and ACC guidelines

Management Services

  • Coordinate all Board meetings with comprehensive packages to the Board in advance
  • Coordinate Annual meeting and other members meetings
  • Provide secure online voting for annual meetings and other member issues
  • Prepare meeting packages in advance of each Board or member meeting
  • Prepare minutes for each Board or member meeting
  • Provide experienced consultation on homeowners’ association issues
  • Maintain official corporate records available for member inspection
  • Mail “Welcome Postcards” to new owners after notification of closing
  • Provide all associated administrative services
  • Provide liaison with contractors, consultants, and government officials
  • Assist committees in coordinating community special events
  • Assist with community newsletter preparation and distribution
  • Maintain extended customer service hours until 8 p.m.
  • Provide on-call manager for emergencies 24 hrs/day
  • Provide Board and volunteer training through our C.I.A. Services Seminar Series
  • Provide monthly email on current topics of interest through eNews Monthly
  • Provide free website for each community

Facilities Management

  • Assign a specialized maintenance coordinator to each community
  • Inspect all common areas and amenities on a routine basis
  • Prepare bid specifications, solicit proposals and summarize results
  • Coordinate projects and maintenance with written work order system
  • Track contractor certificates of insurance to ensure they are current
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