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Legacy Trails Cell-3 Homeowners Association, Inc.
Legacy Trails Cell-3 Homeowners Association, Inc.

In addition to frigid temperatures and snow as far as the eye could see in San Antonio, Winter Storm Uri brought on massive outages of water and power. This caused many places with no heat and broken and/or leaking pipes.

The Retreat at Legacy Trails is a loving community, tucked away in the Westside of San Antonio Texas.  Normally green and lush, the community was covered with ice and snow.  With a caring and attentive set of volunteers, the Board of Directors and the Amenities Center teams came to the rescue when homeowners experienced burst pipes. With the quick thinking of Board President Ralph Urias, contact was made to the Amenity Center Board to get permission for homeowners to use pool water temporarily, to help keep toilets flushed in homes where burst pipes had cut off the water supply.   When a gate went down, the Board immediately reached out for help, and even tried to right the gate themselves in the meantime. While the gate company did have to be called, the gate was fixed by Monday afternoon due to their quick thinking. 

Retreat at Legacy Trails is already a beautiful community close to the fun of Sea World and a short drive to downtown San Antonio, but with a fast-thinking Board that truly cares about their neighbors, this association has once again proven what a great place it is to live in, even during hard times.

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