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Archived Newsletters

Every month, we issue an electronic newsletter, eNews Monthly, to keep clients informed about Association items, spotlight clients, answer frequently asked questions, and let you know what is happening with the company. Old issues of eNews Monthly are available on our Library page.

June 2020
eNews Monthly

We Stand Together
by Ralph Troiano, President

As a manager of community associations across Texas, C.I.A. Services appreciates the rich diversity of cultures and backgrounds in our communities. This diversity made America and enriches us all.  It pains us greatly to see the injustices levied against our fellow human beings by a few but supported by ingrained systems and an acquiescence society.  It is sad that the image of law enforcement agencies that we need to protect us have devolved into something many fear and distrust, despite the work of many good police officers. America can be better than this.  

We live our Core Values of Community, Integrity, and Empathy every day at C.I.A. Services.  But it is not enough to silently adhere to these noble principals.  At some point, we must state what is right and denounce what is wrong.   

“The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.” 
~Martin Luther King Jr.  

Black Lives Matter.  We stand peacefully with all minority communities in the pursuit of a bias-free country where no individual’s life is at risk due to the color of their skin, the person they choose to love, or the deity they worship. We stand for justice in America.  We stand for change now.  

At C.I.A. Services, we affirm our commitment to equality for all persons and will continue to ensure that all homeowners, employees, and vendors; regardless of color, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin, feel safe and at home in our communities and in our offices.  

Volunteer Spotlight

Bridlegate Ranch P.O.A. Road Preservation Committee
by Tina Jameson

Bridlegate Ranch is one of the very scenic communities in the Texas Hill Country. They have several active and hardworking committees and this month we are spotlighting one of them. The Road Preservation Committee, with 4 members, oversees the maintenance of 19 miles of chip seal roadway. With several homes actively under construction, there is a lot of heavy equipment traffic on the roadways. The Committee oversees the continual repair of potholes and damage to the roadways as well as manages the surface maintenance of the roads.

Chairman Kevin Prochaska, and members Mike Stiborik, Ron Dickey, and Tom Goff jointly produce very detailed reports of the road conditions and recommend repair work (cracks and potholes) that should be completed in the first round of bids. Once the repairs are done, the second round of bids is solicited for the chip seal or resurfacing project. The resurfacing is divided into five sections. One section is to be completed in each of the next five years. The Committee works with the selected contractor to make sure the work is done correctly.

Each of the committee members brings expertise from their professional lives to the Road Preservation Committee and the Bridlegate Ranch POA. Their work will extend the life of the roads, make the roads safer and better, make the community a more desirable place in which to live, and help keep the assessments at the most economical level possible.

Please join us in saying thank you to this hardworking committee for everything they do for Bridlegate Ranch.

Shown in the picture from left to right are Mike Stiborik, Ron Dickey, Tom Goff, and Kevin Prochaska

Living Our Core Values

Pay It Forward - Continued

Within our Core Values at C.I.A. Services, Empathy is one that we have all taken very strongly to heart recently.  The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in a myriad of ways.  Our Core Value, Passion, has also helped us a company be more empathetic during these trying times.  The Executive Board of Directors launched a special Pay It Forward program to help impact those around us.  Funds were deposited directly into employee accounts with the direction to Pay It Forward to someone who needed it.  What everyone did with those funds was touching in so many ways.

We shared a few stories last month but we could not fit all of the stories in one issue of the eNews.  Here are a few more stories we are pleased to share! The response is simply heartwarming. 

No matter what each individual decided to do, they were most definitely S.P.E.C.I.A.L. in doing so, and truly represented the core values of C.I.A. Services. 


"I gave the $50 additional credit to my best friend who is currently out of work.  As it was such a surprise, she was incredibly grateful and agreed that our company is absolutely amazing."

~ Abigail Autry, Community Manager, San Antonio Office


"My Pay It Forward donation was to a family friend who has not received his disability check. He would not have asked and it was through my sister that I was made aware of his situation. He is a really sweet guy and was very appreciative."

~ Robbye Campbell, Administrative Assistant, Aliana Office



"I thought long and hard about how I could make the most impact in the community with Pay it Forward.  I was led to match the funds so graciously given to me.

I decided charity begins at home and what better place to help someone than one of your very own co-workers!  Yes, we C.I.A. Services employees were blessed to be able to continue our daily work while transitioning to a work from home scenario, but so many in our community were not so fortunate.  One such employee’s spouse became out of work due to the COVID-19 business shutdowns in Houston, so I was pleased to give this employee $100.00 in hopes that it could bless their family in some way during this time. 

I loved the Pay it Forward challenge and have looked for other opportunities to give to those less fortunate during these uncertain times."

~ Kim Moore, Executive Vice President, Southwest Houston Office    


"After hearing the news that we would get funds deposited into our accounts to “Pay It Forward” to those in need, it was immediately put into my heart to do something special for my daughter, Desiree, and the pediatric office she works for.  

Dr. LaCour and his team have worked tirelessly, even past closing time, to see patients in need of medical care.  Yesterday, she received news that she was being flexed over to one of the UMMC Hospitals in Houston to provide additional support for the drive-thru COVID-19 testing.

Naturally, everyone was feeling the stress in her office.  This is a scary situation at home; I can only imagine what it must feel like to be on the front lines of this virus. She called me and I could hear the anxiety in her voice; however, my girl was ready to be where she was needed.  I asked her, “What can I do to help all of you?” and her immediate reply was, “We need sweets and lots of it!”  

I was able to find a local business, Tiff’s Treats, and explain the situation with them and they got to work.  The cookies were delivered hot and fresh out of the oven for the entire office to enjoy.  I was also able to help out a local business with the order that I placed, as they were feeling the stress of shutting down.  

Dr. LaCour and his nurses (including my daughter) are pictured on the left and the center is Desiree – geared up and ready for action."

~ MJ Gonzales, Administrative Assistant, Humble Office   

Community Spotlight

We are proud of every one of our communities, so it is always hard to find just one to highlight. We start by having each of our Community Managers write a nomination for one of their communities. We then read them and take a vote. Here are our most recent selections:

  • June - Indian Shores Property Owners Association - Humble Office - Brenda Ellington
  • May - Aliana Homeowners Association - Southwest Houston Office - Deniece Reyes
  • April - Remington Ranch Community Association - Humble Office - Jennifer Northington
  • March - Bridlewood Estates Property Owners Association - Southwest Houston Office - Kim Moore
  • February - Hidden Arbor Community Association - Humble Office - Kristen Craig
  • January - Heather Ridge Village Homeowners Association - Humble Office - Kaila Gattis

To see the full story on these communities and to see all of the past winners, visit the Community of the Month page on our site.

Community Anniversaries

Every month we appreciate the communities that are celebrating their anniversaries with us. Here are the clients that started with us in June.

  • Highland Meadow Homeowners Association — 26 years
  • Copper Creek Civic Improvement Association — 23 years
  • Cross Creek Ranch Commercial Association — 6 years
  • Park at Hollister Homeowners Association — 3 years
  • Cambridge Manor Community Association — 3 years

Our goal has always been to create a positive, long term relationship with all of our client communities. We are very proud to be managing all of these communities.

Celebrating 2020 Graduates

Congratulations to the many Class of 2020 graduates!  This year was certainly unprecedented.  We celebrate your accomplishment with you despite the challenges of graduating during a global pandemic.   

Every year, at least a few of our employees celebrate this great milestone with their loved ones. We consider ourselves an extended family and are excited to be celebrating along with them!

So many students missed special end of the year moments.  Therefore, this year we expanded our article to include students moving on to a new campus. 

We are very proud of the accomplishments of all of this year’s graduates and wish them all the best in fulfilling their future goals. 

“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.” — Malcolm S. Forbes


Employee Julie Baker

Julie Baker joined our Humble office as a member of the support staff in September and worked while she continued pursuing her degree.   

Julie graduated with her Associates degree in Applied Science from Lee College in Baytown.  She was a member of the Kinesiology Club and the Trio program.  

We are very proud of Julie but understand that her education is only a small portion of her life.  She is a single mom of 7 great kids. Her oldest is in the National Guard, one child is in college at SFA, one travels for work as a safety manager, two in high school and two that are avid hockey players. She enjoys spending time with her family and extended family and her new granddaughter.  She enjoys the beach, working out and living life to the fullest!! 

Julie will be continuing her education at University of Houston - Clear Lake where she will be pursuing a double degree in Kinesiology and Education with a certification in Special Education Diagnostics.


Our Extended Family Graduates

Kennedy Ellington, granddaughter of Brenda Ellington. Brenda is a Community Manager in Houston.

Kennedy graduated from Texas A&M at College Station (GIG’EM) with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management. 

She spent a semester in Germany studying abroad for her field.  Kennedy completed her internship in Frisco, Texas for FC Dallas Soccer Club. 

While in school, Kennedy coached for the Aggie Swim Club and was a member of the Philadelphia Sisters, a Christian sorority.  She also worked at CrossFit while pursuing her education.


Megan Bailey, daughter of Roxanne Bailey. Roxanne is a Community Manager in Houston.

Megan Bailey is the loudest and proudest member of the fightin’ Texas Aggie class of 2020!  She is graduating in August with her Bachelors of Science in Construction Science!

After graduation, Megan will be moving to Phoenix, Arizona to begin her career.  




Savanna Lynn Ortiz, daughter of Melinda Diaz. Melinda is a Community Specialist in Houston.

Savanna (pictured left and center) graduated from Heights High School (Go Bulldogs!) located in Houston, Texas. During her high school career, Savanna was on the Redcoats Dance Team for all four years. 

Savanna will be attending The University of Texas at San Antonio in the fall. 



Jordan Williams and SeVonn Daniels, sons of Norris Daniels. Norris is a Maintenance Coordinator in Houston.

Jordan (pictured left) graduated from Paetow High School (Go Panthers) in Katy.  Jordan is an athletic young man and loves playing football, basketball, and working out.  He plans to study Kinesiology at Huston-Tillotson in Austin.  

SeVonn (pictured right) graduated with Honors from Stephen F Austin (go Bulldogs!) in Sugar Land.  He loves dancing, reading, writing, and learning new, abstract concepts.  SeVonn plans to study Psychology and will take classes in the fall at Houston Community College.  



Nadarah Brewer, niece of Patrick Sheffield.  Patrick is a Houston Maintenance Coordinator. 

Nadarah (pictured right) graduated from Middle Creek High School (Go Mustangs!) in Apex, North Carolina.  Nadarah graduated one year early with a 3.75 GPA! 

She is currently practicing to become a nail technician while she’s been out of school with future plans of attending an HBCU college to study business and technology. 


Avyn Craig, son of Kristen Craig, Houston Community Manager. 

Avyn graduated from Dayton High School (Go Broncos!) located in Dayton. Although COVID-19 took away the “senior things” such as prom, a graduation ceremony, and the last year of high school memories with his friends; he did not let that get him down!

He has already overcome so much more in life than this – having had a Pericardiocentesis (to remove fluid around his heart at age 13) and a Craniotomy (to remove a brain tumor at age 16) – finishing school at home was a breeze!  Avyn does not let anything get in his way; he is such a kind-hearted, brighten your day kind of person! 

Avyn is extremely excited to move on from high school; so excited that he started college courses his senior year to get a head start!  His plans are to continue his college courses and start working under an internship so he gets the best of both worlds – knowledge and experience!  His parents, friends, and family are so very proud of him and the young man he has become!  


Moving on to the Next Campus

Emily Lihou, daughter of Laura Tate, Executive Vice President and General Manager in Houston.  

Emily graduated from Timberwood Middle School (Go Panthers!) located in Humble, Texas.  Emily was a member of the National Junior Honor Society and finished the school year on the All-A Honor Roll.  She is a dancer and musician, playing the violin for the school’s top orchestra. 

Like students everywhere, Emily missed out on some milestone events including the annual Maroon and White Ball for eighth-graders, her last middle school orchestra performance, and end of the year ceremonies.  She is still smiling and enjoyed the modified parade version of the Eighth Grade Awards Ceremony.

In the fall, Emily will begin her high school career at Atascocita High School (Go Eagles!) where she will continue in the orchestra program and pursue a Fine Arts Endorsement. 


Cody Douglas, son of Angela Douglas, Customer Service Manager in Houston.    

Cody graduated from Newburg Middle School (Go Tigers!).  Cody was a member of the Honor Band and Robotics club.  Cody is an All-District musician who enjoys science and engineering with the hopes of becoming a Marine Mammologist.  

Like students everywhere, Cody missed out on some milestone events including the opportunity to play at the St. Louis Arch and end of the year ceremonies.  However, he did enjoy the non-traditional learning environment.  

In the fall, Cody will begin his high school career at Atherton High School (Go Rebels!) where he will continue in the band program and pursue AP classes, he is most excited for their Marine Biology club.


Leah Farley
, daughter of Lindsay Scholfield, Lifestyle Manager at Artavia.

Leah just finished 8th grade at York Junior High School (Go Grizzlies!) and will be starting high school next year at Grand Oaks High School. 

She is very much looking forward to this as she will get a chance to take classes to help her with what she wants to do later in life – be a biomedical engineer. 

Online schooling these last few months of school were challenging at first, but she ultimately found it to be boring because she felt as if her teachers did not assign their normal workload (she very much enjoys school!).


Steven Soto, Jr., son of Jessica Soto, Houston Compliance Coordinator/HIR Lead. 

Bubba, as he is known by friends and family, is 14 years old and loves life. He is the smile you need to get through the day. He is the hug you needed yesterday and the kid that keeps us all laughing always. He graduated from Rickey C. Bailey Middle School (Go Buccaneers!) located in Spring, Texas, and is moving on to high school next year.

Bubba is autistic, but that does not define him; he is so much more than what you see.  He won the dance contest for his class during the winter school dance and 1st place in basketball at the Winter Special Olympics held at Dueitt Middle School.

Steven had speech class at home during online school and enjoyed reading with Ms. Hill. Steven had Adaptive P.E. online with Coach Alford and loved pumping iron with the coach and the kids. He ended the year strong and passed with an overall 98 average.

Covid-19 was not the only obstacle Bubba had to overcome this year.  Early in the school year, he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  Faith prevailed and he is now cancer-free! 


Aiden Cobarrubia, grandson of Patty Tate.  Patty is a Community Specialist in Houston.  

We are excited to announce that Aiden is graduating from Youens Elementary (Go Gators!) in the Alief Independent School District. Aiden was a member of the school choir for the last several years and was involved in the STEM and Arts program. 

Next year, Aiden will be moving on to the Alief Middle School (Go Cubs)!

Aiden loves gaming, comic books, and technology. He creates his own stop motion videos and wants to be a graphic designer when he grows up so he can take good care of his grandparents. 


Our Littlest Graduates

Addison Marie Woods
, granddaughter of Dawna Woods, a Houston Maintenance Coordinator and Darren Woods, Houston Compliance Inspector.   

Addison graduated from Kindergarten at Deer Park Elementary.  Addison LOVES school and misses her friends and her teacher Mrs. Thompson. Mom, Ashley, filled in as her teacher during the Stay at Home order, and sometimes her Dad, Rickey, was her substitute teacher when he was home from work.

She enjoys spending time playing with her younger sisters Raelynn and Alannah and pets Bella and Ace. 



Olivia Farley, daughter of Lindsay Scholfield, Lifestyle Manager at Artavia.

Olivia just finished her first year at Bradley Elementary (Go Bears!) as a kindergartener! She’s looking forward to first grade and what being a “big kid” is all about. 

In the last couple of months of school, she enjoyed Zoom calls with her class for their weekly show-n-tell.  She especially loved this because it gave her a chance to show off things she would not normally get to bring to school, such as her cats and fish.  Olivia enjoyed showing off her pets because she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. 

Employee Corner

Employee Anniversaries

We love to celebrate special milestones with our employees. In the Employee Corner of each eNews issue, we will list all employees that have reached their one-year anniversary with our company. Additionally, we recognize stockholders on their anniversary month.  C.I.A. Services employees become stockholders after they have been employed for five years.


Stockholder Anniversaries

We have quite a few stockholders celebrating anniversaries this month.

Congratulations to Gloria Bell on her 31st anniversary with C.I.A. Services. Gloria is a Clerical Assistant from our Humble office providing a variety of staff support. Gloria has three sons and several grandchildren with whom she spends as much time as possible. When she can’t do that, she is an avid reader of the written book and listener of the audiobook! 

Patrick Sheffield is celebrating his 12th anniversary with the company. Patrick is a Maintenance Coordinator and works out of our Southwest Houston office. Patrick is very handy and likes to spend his weekends on woodwork projects.  It is well-known that Patrick likes to play the occasional practical joke on a coworker.   

Congratulations to Annette McConnell on her 12th anniversary with C.I.A. Services. Annette is the Office Manager at our Bandera office.  She was part of the startup staff that opened the Bandera office in 2008.  Annette is a mom and grandma and loves spending time with her family.  

Valerie Lehr celebrates 8 years with the company this month! Valerie is a Community Manager at our Humble office. She stays busy managing a portfolio of communities.  When she’s not working, she might be found in the kitchen as she’s an awesome cook.  She has a big family, both 2-legged and 4-legged.


One-Year Anniversaries

We are also celebrating two employees on their one year anniversary this month.

Congratulations to Roxanne Bailey on her one year anniversary.  Roxanne is a Community Manager at our Humble office.  Roxanne is really great at finishing long-term projects and has been a huge help to her team.  Roxanne and her husband have two daughters attending Texas A&M.

Congratulations to Kaelon Ervin on his one year anniversary.  Kaelon works part-time while attending the University of Houston studying mechanical engineering.  Kaelon assists with data entry for new construction homes for the Humble office and also works on special projects and the company’s social media pages.

Read Past Issues of eNews Monthly

Every month, we issue an electronic newsletter, eNews Monthly, to keep clients informed about Association items, spotlight clients, answer frequently asked questions, and let you know what is happening with the company. Old issues of eNews Monthly are available on our Library page.