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Did you know?

Board meetings are open to all owners.  The meetings are announced on the community web pages with a date, time and place.  And at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting, the agenda for the meeting is also posted.

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Community Headlines

Hunters Chase Homeowners Association, Inc.
Board of Directors Meetings: The Hunter’s Chase Board of Directors meet every third Thursday...

Bay Pointe Community Association
Dave Martin Answers your questions... : At the November 2015 annual meeting, there were several questions asked...

Heather Ridge Village Homeowners Association
New Guidelines and Policies Adopted: The Board of Directors has adopted eight new guidelines and policies associated...

Bowling Green Garden Homes Association
August Yard of the Month: Congratulations! 4228 Wyatt St has been chosen for August 2016...

Lincoln Green Estates Community Association
Harris County Disaster Recovery Information for Flood Victims: Harris County Disaster Recovery Permit Hotline Open for Flood Victims   The...

Featured Community

The Summit Mutual Amenities Association, Inc. The Summit Mutual Amenities Association, Inc. is one...

The Summit Mutual Amenities Association, Inc.

Community of the Month

Kirkmont Section II Association Just off Sam Houston Tollway South is a wonderful community...

Kirkmont Section II Association

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You Cannot Keep Them Down! On Memorial Day 2016, the small town of Simonton was one of the hardest...

Magnolia Heights - Joe Drozd Joe Drozd (pronounced Drose) has volunteered his time to Magnolia Heights...

CAI Trade Show Each year, the Greater Houston Chapter of Community Associations Institute...

The Super Budgeting Process "Super-Budgeting" is our term for preparing a comprehensive long term budget...


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