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Feb 2019 News

Board Meeting Summary 11/9/18
November 9, 2018 Bridlegate Ranch POA Board Meeting Summary

In Executive Session

  • Reviewed the collection and legal actions underway. No additional collection actions were recommended.
  • Reviewed the status of violations. The ACC/Board is now making the monthly inspections with CIA Services following up with violation letters. Having Board/ACC members do the bi-monthly inspections is working well. There are 39 active violations and 208 closed violations.
  • Reviewed the wage ranges for local, state, and national positions similar to the positions of our two POA employees. No decision on raises was made. The Board will conduct performance reviews with the POA employees before year-end. Potential raises will be decided by email vote.
  • Agreed to rework and replace the POA’s Enforcement Policy to bring that policy in line with the Board’s opinion that Amendment 1 to the DCCRs was formally approved by the Declarant (Southerland Communities) after it had the right to do so.

In Open Session

  • Approved minutes from the September 14, 2018 Board meeting. (Meeting summary is on BGR’s CIA Services website.)
  • Ratified decisions made between meetings - Approved the insurance company’s offer for the repair of the damage to the front gate caused by their client. Simultaneously agreed to pursue collection of the depreciation deduction ($1,106.82) from the driver by the County Attorney
  • Unannounced Meeting – The Board (excluding Steve Gibson) met along with the Parks and Rec Committee representative on September 27 to plan the major furnishings (tables, chairs, refrigerator, oven, ceiling fans, water softener, and audio-visual system). After comparing models, sources, and costs, approximately $6000 remains uncommitted for any overruns from the Plantation House renovation project.
  • October Financial Statement – Cash flow is in line with the expected… no issues. Collection rate remains at 97 percent. We did receive the insurance payment ($16,445.05) for the damage to the front gate.
  • Various maintenance projects have been completed and others started, including road repairs, front gate repair, gate and fence painting, and front gate décor (pressure washing, landscape renewal). Thanks to Cecil Howard for refurbishing the fountain at the Ranch House.
  • There have been 13 ownership changes in the last three months.

Committee Reports

  1. Architectural Control (ACC) – Things are slowing a bit. Since August 1 there have been 17 applications resulting in 15 approvals, 1 conditionally approved, and one pending. Applications included playground material, barns, decks, swimming pool, driveway, fencing, and solar panels
  2. Communications and Events – Terri Lippold is leaving the Committee with a hearty thanks for her years of service from the Committee members and the BGR owners… Thanks, Terri.   Ginger Leigh is the new Committee Chair.  The Committee has been busy with the Margarita Party, the Halloween Hayride and Trunk or Treat, ladies’ luncheon, and bow making class. In addition to the coming BGR Christmas Party on December 1, the Committee has a survey coming soon on what to name the “Plantation House” once renovation is completed.
  3. Finance – Audit of the 2017 books has been completed and report received. There are only minor corrective actions.  Working to finalize the ACC audit by year-end.
  4. Parks and Recreation – The committee has been focusing on the ascetics of the renovated Plantation House. They are reviewing the rental guidelines and are encouraging all renters to complete the comments cards (good and bad) in each room. These cards really do help improve customer service.
  5. Roadway Project - Potholes have been filled and a four-foot wide layer has been added to 4000 feet of Martingale to help raise the centerline and reduce water pooling. Shoulder work in next, but requires several days of drying weather. Major road work will not be attempted until fiber optic cable has been installed.
  6. SafetyChecking the three community 911 call boxes.

Old Business

  • Plantation House renovation is moving forward… slowly due to all of the rain. Waiting for the roofer so the inside work can be dried in. Roofer is scheduled to begin November 15th. 
  • The front gate has been repaired, database cleaned and mirrored for both gates, new codes mailed to all owners, gate closed on November 8, and a testing/confirmation period until November 20 established. Initial indications are that an extender is needed for the receiver… remotes work, but one must be very close to the gate for it to work.
  • Community signage will be updated in time for the opening of the pool season in 2019.

New Business

  • Approved the 2017 CPA audit.
  • Approved an affidavit of correction to the DCCRs in reference to Amendment 1.
  • Considered the vacancy on the ACC. Richard Howells, no longer a BGR owner, was replaced on the ACC by Jenny Gibson to serve the term until the 2020 election. Steve Gibson abstained from the vote. Diana Denbo was then approved as a replacement for Jenny on the Nomination/Election Committee.
  • The next Board meeting is February 8, 2019. Tentatively, the 2019 meetings are scheduled for March 23 (later changed to March 30) (Owners’ Meeting), May 10, August 9, September 13, and November 8.
  • One owner spoke during the open forum on an incomplete driveway that has been identified as a violation to the DCC&Rs.

Ron Dickey
Secretary, BGR POA


Board Meeting Summary - 9/14/18
September 14, 2018 Bridlegate Ranch POA Board Meeting Summary

In Executive Session

  • Reviewed 2018 Assessment Fee collection. No decisions needed on demand nor collection letters. Four owners cannot be located.
  • Reviewed the status of violations. The ACC/Board is now making the monthly inspections with CIA Services following up with violation letters. Still working the specifics. There are 46 active violations and 177 closed violations.
  • Was updated on pending court actions. Waiting response/material from litigant’s lawyer.

In Open Session

  • Approved minutes from the August 10, 2018 Board meeting. (Meeting summary is on BGR’s CIA Services website).
  • Ratified decisions made between meetings.
    1. Approval of a “last chance” letter to a resident to correct a construction violation.
    2. Approval of a change order for extra work on the Plantation House foundation based on recommendation from the structural engineer.
  • There were no unannounced meetings since the last Board meeting.
  • Board was updated on the front gate damage and repair.
    1. Front gate camera was helpful in documenting the accident/damage.
    2. Received the DPS accident report September 14th. CIA Services will file claim with the driver’s insurance.
    3. Have identified what is needed for repairs. We will take this opportunity to upgrade the entry and access control systems for both the main and back gates.
    4. Will order repairs as soon as the insurance adjustor inspects the damage and begin repairs in advance of receiving the insurance proceeds. 
    5. Will take this opportunity to flush and issue new gate codes to all owners and vendors. Will also take this opportunity to repair the exit gate support rail.
    6. Estimated it will be November 1, 2018 before the main gate is operational. Exit gate will remain open during this period.
    7. E-mail blast to all owners on the front gate damage to follow.
  • Road repairs (repair potholes and scrap & roll road shoulders throughout the community; add 4000-foot chip and seal center strip down Martingale) have been contracted with Jim Chastain Excavation and will begin 1) when the weather dries, and 2) as soon as Chastain completes ongoing work at Flying A.
  • Ralph Troiano, BGR Property Community Manager from CIA Services, supported by Diana Denbo, BGR POA Treasurer, presented their recommendations for the 2019 budget. Budget details will not be posted to a publicly available forum. Highlights of the budget includes:
    1. Expanding upon the 2015 Reserve Study to incorporate it into the more inclusive Replacement Fund of the Super-Budget now being used for BGR POA planning.
    2. Super-Budget deals with the Replacement Fund, the Operating Fund, and the Capital Fund.
    3. Proposed allocation of the revenue to the three funds will allow us to cover all projected operating expenses and continue to grow the replacement fund (only being funded since 2015 after the developer turned over the POA). We will enter 2019 at 67 percent of the target levels despite spending on the Plantation House Renovation. At our present budget projections, we should be fully funded by the end of 2022 after spending almost $1,000,000 getting our facilities in good shape.
    4. If the plan is executed as laid out, we have the potential of reducing assessment fees for 2023. 
  • Mr. Troiano reiterated, the Board’s approval is limited to the 2019 assessment fee and expenditures. Everything beyond 2019 is subject to future circumstances and decisions.  There are no guarantees. Projections beyond 2019 are based on information available at this time and the numbers will change.
  • Three budget related issues were unanimously approved by the Board.
    1. Approved the 2019 budget as presented.
    2. Approved the 2019 owners’ assessment fee at $600 per Lot (no change from 2018).
    3. Approved a two-year contract extension at a slight fee increase for CIA Services (still well below the fee of the previous management company).
  • Updated status of fiber optic installation at BGR. To date 99 BGR customers have applied to BEC for fiber optic service. There will be no special assessment for fiber optic in 2019. The contract with BEC is still being worked. BEC has put BGR on the schedule for micro-trenching. Timeframe to be determined.
  • Some questions from the floor during the Budget presentation.
  • Tentatively set the next regular Board meeting for Thursday, November 8, 2018.

Ron Dickey

Secretary, BGR POA

Board Meeting Summary - 8/10/18
August 10, 2018 Bridlegate Ranch POA Board Meeting Summary

In Executive Session

  • Reviewed 2018 Assessment Fee collection. Collection rate is at 98%, a good rate
  • Reviewed the status of violations. Approved initiation of four Attorney Collection Demand Letters and four Collections Lawsuits
  • Reviewed corrective actions resulting from complaint from Disability Rights Texas of an alleged Violation of state and federal fair housing law. Corrective actions taken include training, donation to service animal training, and modification of POA rules and regulations.
  • Received a legal opinion concerning final developer CCR amendment. 

In Open Session

  • Approved minutes from the May 11, 2018 Board meeting as changed to note Steve Gibson (vice Ron Dickey) is Board liaison to the Utilities Committee.
  • Ratified decisions made between meetings, including approving rules changes regarding assistance animals, awarding Plantation House Renovation contract to RAND Construction and road repair work to Chastain Construction, approved roof repairs at the Ranch House, and approved a new time and attendance policy (effects the POA’s two employees).
  • Summarized four unannounced meetings: Fair Housing Training seminar, two on road repairs, and one with the ACC on potential changes to the Design Guidelines.
  • Board looked at the cash flow analysis. Rentals have been good this summer. Audit of finances is underway.
  • Maintenance items were updated. Approved a contract with Texas No Slip for several minor repairs at the Ranch House including the fence and barn and painting the both gates
  • Committee Reports given.
    1. Architecture and Control: Reported new work on plans for two driveways, four houses, and one barn since last meeting
    2. Communications and Events: Social on August 29th; roster published for people who provided information; and kids Halloween hayride, trunk-or-treat, and cookout at Ranch House on October 27th.
    3. Finance: Rental analysis - $4527 profit to date, 19% occupancy (40% on weekends).
    4. Parks & Recreation: Please follow the pool rules: No glass and owners must be present with guests. New deadbolts installed in all rentals and storage areas.
    5. Roadway Project; Working with Chastain Construction and CIA Services to get contract in place and work started. Repairs to Martingale are the priority.
    6. Safety: Need to install “No Trespass” signs at the River Park (Originals washed away in high water last year.
    7.  Plantation House Project: The demolition went well. Structural engineer was slow and put the project two months behind. Now have engineer drawings and recommendations.
  • Fence damage along Bottle Springs Road repaired. The cost of repair was more than insurance paid. Filed a supplemental claim.
  • Updated status of fiber optic installation at BGR. Board voted to pursue contracting with BEC for installation of fiber optic service in BGR. Over 65 owners had signed installation commitments as of the meeting. The need for an assessment is still an open issue, but the size of any assessment if needed shrinks each day.
  •  The Board considered and approved updated Design and Construction Guidelines by a 4-1 vote. Board member Steve Gibson strenuously objected to 1) the unannounced meeting with the ACC on July 31 (he did not attend) and 2) the Guidelines. He maintains the Guidelines exceed the authority given the ACC under the CCRS.
  • Approved the charters for the Finance Committee, Parks and Recreation Committee, and the Utilities Committee. Tabled consideration of the Communications and Events Committee charter.
  • Approved change to rental rate structure. Tentatively approved changes to the POA Rules and Regulations pending the addition of addressing service animals in the Fitness Center and adding a Release and Hold Harmless form for special events. In conjunction with the new POA Rules and Regulations (R&R), the POA will rework the signage at POA common areas to bring the signs into agreement with the R&R and each other.
  • Approved change to rental rate structure. Tentatively approved changes to the POA Rules and Regulations pending the addition of addressing service animals in the Fitness Center and adding a Release and Hold Harmless form for special events. In conjunction with the new POA Rules and Regulations (R&R), the POA will rework the signage at POA common areas to bring the signs into agreement with the R&R and each other.
  • From the open forum, the Board provided some explanation of the HUD complaint, but privacy issues limit what can or should be said. One attendee objected to not seeing draft ACC Design Guidelines before the Board voted. This is not required. The Plantation House will have to shut power a couple of days forcing the pool to close. A request was made to approve “For Sale” signs on vacant lots. This is an ACC issue and has been repeatedly disapproved.
  • Confirmed a Special Board meeting (consider FY2019 budget) for Friday, September 14, 2018.
  • Tentatively scheduled the next regular Board meeting for Friday, November 9, 2018.

Ron Dickey Secretary, BGRPOA

Board Meeting Summary - 05/11/18
May 11, 2018 Bridlegate Ranch POA Board Meeting Summary

In Executive Session

  • Reviewed 2018 Assessment Fee collection. Collection rate is at 95%, a good rate. 
  • Reviewed the status of violations. Nothing noteworthy. Routine actions for violations. 
  • Reviewed a complaint from Disability Rights Texas of an alleged Violation of state and federal fair housing law.
  • Received a legal opinion that the Board can approve a special assessment without member vote.  

In Open Session  

  • Approved minutes from the February 8, 2018 Board meeting. Approved minutes of the Owner’s meeting March 17, 2018 after correcting the list of named attendees. 
  • Board approved tree trimming and removal in common areas between Board meetings. No unannounced meeting to be reported.  
  • Board looked at the cash flow analysis. There has been an increase in rentals with a corresponding increase in income. It was noted that the collection rate is 95%. As we prepare to renovate the Plantation House and undertake more road work, the POA will spend from the reserve fund for the first time.  
  • Maintenance items were updated. 
  • Committee Reports given.  

1.    Communications and Events: Spring Fling scheduled for Saturday, May 12, 2018 at the Ranch House. Check the website (not Facebook) and the Newsletter for information. The next Newsletter will be in July.

2.    Parks & Recreation: The “comment cards” in each rental room has been very successful in pointing out needs and making positive recommendations.

3.    Safety: Recommend the gate codes be flushed.

  • Updated status of fence damage along Bottlesprings Road from an automobile. Repair estimate obtained and claim filed with the driver’s insurance.  
  • Updated status of fiber optic installation at BGR. BEC has reduced their charge to install underground fiber optic by using a technique of micro-trenching in the roadway. Negotiations are continuing to clarify expectations for both BEC and BGR POA. 
  • Two bids for renovation of the Plantation House were received. After discussions, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each bid, and hearing the opinion of BGR’s Project Manager the Board approved going with RANDA Reconstruction. The Board will pursue a contract with RANDA. 
  • Received a report from the Ad Hoc Road Repair Committee. The roads are generally in very good shape with one road suffering from pothole damage. The following recommendations were made.

a. Immediately begin a regular weed killing program on roads and shoulders. (Approved by the board)

b. Blade off excess gravel and dead grass from roads and shoulders to facilitate drainage. (Approved)

c. Repair existing potholes and damaged road. (Approved)

d. Use remaining annual road funds to begin a “fog seal” program to extend the life of the older roads to maintain their good condition.

e. Attempt no resurfacing this year.  

  • Approved contracting with Peterson, Scott & Associates, P.C. for a CPA audit of financial activities. 
  • The Board took under review various recommendations from an owner that would open BGR to easier access for marketing of lots. 
  • The next Board meeting is scheduled for August 9 at 2:00PM, BEC Conference Room in Bandera.    

Ron Dickey Secretary, BGRPOA

Upcoming Meetings

March Board Meeting (Board of Directors Meeting)
Mar 30, 2019 4:00 pm - 4:15 pm
The Board of Directors will meet on Saturday, March 30, 2019 immediately following the annual meeting.  The sole purpose of the meeting is to appoint officers.  The meeting will be held at Bandera United Methodist Church located at 1103 Cedar Street, Bandera, TX 78003.

May Board Meeting (Board of Directors Meeting)
May 10, 2019 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
The Board of Directors of the BGR Property Owners Association meeting will be on Friday, May 10th at the Plantation House, 207 Presidio Trail Bandera, TX 78003.

The meeting begins with an Executive Session at 2:00 p.m. and will be open to all owners at 3:00 p.m. We have an Open Forum at the end of each meeting for owners who would like provide comments or information.

2019 Annual Meeting (Member Meeting)
Mar 30, 2019 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
The 2019 Annual Meeting of BGR Property Owners Association will be on Saturday, March 30, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. at Bandera United Methodist Church located at 1103 Cedar Street, Bandera, TX 78003. This will be an excellent opportunity to hear a review of the Association’s activities, finances, and future plans.

Registration, social & refreshments will begin at 1:15 p.m. and the meeting will begin at 2:00 p.m.

Feb 2019
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