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Tezel Trails Homeowners Association is another extraordinary community managed by C.I.A. Services
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Tezel Trails Homeowners Association

Online Payments

Credit/Debit Card or eCheck. You may pay your community assessments online with a major credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) or via eCheck. This gives you the chance to pay your assessments quickly and easily without the hassle and expense of writing checks and using postage. In addition, you may even be able to benefit from sky miles or bonus points offered by your credit/debit card company. 

First Citizens Bank’s C-PropertyPay app is also now available through Google Play™ or the AppStore®.

Bank Site. When you click "Pay Your Assessment" to the right, you will enter the First Citizens Bank secure website for making your payment. Your credit card number and bank account numbers are encrypted and not available to your association or C.I.A. Services.  There are three buttons on the landing page:

  • Sign Up. Use this to set up and manage recurring payments.
  • Login. If you’ve signed up, this allows you to view and manage your recurring payments.
  • Pay Now. Use this to make a one-time payment without registering.

Scheduled Payments. You can make a single payment or schedule multiple payments. Scheduling payments is useful where you have monthly assessments or if you are on a payment plan. You control the start date, number of payments, day of the month and amount. You can make changes at any time and see a history of your activity. You will need to register with a user ID and password to setup and control scheduled payments. For a single payment, registration is optional.

Please Note: Scheduling multiple payments via First Citizens Bank does not constitute an official payment plan with your association. You must contact our office to request an approved payment plan before scheduling multiple payments via First Citizens Bank.

Required Information. In order to pay online, you will need a coupon from your assessment statement with the information shown below. If you do not have a coupon handy, you can call C.I.A. Services during normal business hours and we will be happy to provide you with that information plus your current balance.

Payment instructions

1. Management Company ID (always 3018)
2. Association ID (4 characters - you can skip leading zeros)
3. Property Account Number (8 characters - you can skip leading zeros)

Payment Confirmation. Once all information has been submitted, you will receive an email confirming First Citizens Bank has received your request to make a payment.

Convenience Fee. First Citizens Bank collects a convenience fee for all credit/debit card transactions. C.I.A. Services and your Association have no authority to waive the fee. To avoid the convenience fee, you can pay by eCheck which is a free service. An eCheck drafts directly from your bank account.

Clearing Time. In most cases, your payment is charged to your credit/debit card or deducted from your bank account within one business day after you are sent the confirming email. The funds are placed in your association’s bank account (less any convenience fee) within two business days of that confirmation. Your account at C.I.A. Services is credited within three business days of that confirmation. In order to avoid interest and late fees, please initiate your online payment at least five calendar days in advance.

Rejected Payments. If your online payment is not honored for any reason (stop payment, account overdrawn, etc.), the rejected payment will be handled like a returned check and standard returned item fees will be applied.

Privacy. Your transaction will be processed over a secure website provided by First Citizens Bank. The information you provide will be used for no purpose other than to process your credit/debit card transaction. Your credit/debit card or checking account information will not be available to C.I.A. Services or your association. The payment you authorize will be electronically transferred into your association’s bank account. Further information is provided in the Privacy Policy and Security Statement on the bank’s online payment page.

Pay by Credit Card
Pay by Credit Card

Our Management

This community employs a full service management company, C.I.A. Services, Inc., to provide professional community association needs. They handle all aspects of budgeting and financial management, watch over the facilities and contractors, deed restrictions, interpersonal relationships among neighbors and more. They train our key personnel and board members. Learn more about their capablilies and their responsibilities to us:

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Our Community Manager is
Khaylee Capetillo, send an email.

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