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Artesian Lakes Community Association is another extraordinary community managed by C.I.A. Services
key personnel
Artesian Lakes Community Association

Community Manager - Todd Miksch - CMCA, 713-981-9000
Administrative Assistant - Kelsey Ballard, 713-981-9000
Maintenance Coordinator - Dawna Woods, 713-981-9000

Job Descriptions


Directors & Officers -

President & Director - Gwen Emmett (2024)
Vice President & Director - Stathy Demeris (2024)
Secretary & Director - Martha Seng (2023)
Treasurer  & Director - Cindy Bartholomew (2023)
Assistant Secretary & Director - Jerry Coker (2024)
Assistant Treasurer & Director - Richard Patton (2023)
Director - Wyatt Smith

Artesian Lakes Architectural Review Committee (ALARC) -

Suzanne Schreider (Chair)
Jared Wood (Chair)
Martha Seng (Liaison)
Leslie Simon
Lauri Zaruba

Artesian Lakes Environmental Committee (ALEC)

John Gawronski (Chair)
Jerry Coker (Liaison)
Wayne Brockinton
Bill Deubner
Mike Miller
Gary Rabalais
Leslie Simon

Artesian Lakes Social Committee (ALSO) -

Martha Seng (Chair & Liaison)
Tanyel Bennett
Janice Character
Sandy Ditta 
Claire Rabalais
Kim Solis

Communications Committee -

Cindy Bartholomew (Chair & Liaison)
Bob Hodgin
Johnette Hodgin
Kim Solis

Finance Committee -

Cindy Bartholomew (Chair & Liaison)
Richard Patton
Jeff Zaruba

Fire and Safety Committee

Richard Patton (Chair & Liaison)
Sandy Ditta
Darrell Seng

Fish & Lakes Conservation and Management Committee (FLCMC)

Jerry Coker (Chair & Liaison)
Terry Coker
Sandy Ditta
Gary Rabalais
Steve Rod
Barry Schmitt
Scott Solis

Gates and Security Committee -

Stathy Demeris (Chair & Liaison)
Richard Patton
Darrell Seng

Internet Committee

Darrell Seng

Medical Committee

Cindy Jackson (Chair)
Gwen Emmett (Liaison)
Dr. Smith Johnston
Terri Peterson

Planning Committee

Judy Buie (Chair)
Cindy Bartholomew (Liaison)
Tanyel Bennett
Jiles Daniels
Ed Emmett
Mike Miller
Gary Rabalais

Property Management Committee

Martha Seng (Chair & Liaison)
Richard Patton
Darrell Seng

Wildlife Conservation Committee

Ed Emmett (Chair)
Jerry Coker (Liaison)
John Gawronski
Dave Peterson
Gary Rabalais
Marc Woodin

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