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May 2017 News

Summerwood Water Quality Concerns FAQ
Many residents in Summerwood have expressed concerns recently regarding the water quality throughout the community. 

The Boards of MUD 342, 344 and 361 have worked with M. Marlon Ivy and Associates to create the attached information about frequently asked questions.   

Please direct any additional questions or concerns you may have with your water quality to M. Marlon Ivy & Associates at 281-651-1618 or   


The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions in regards to recent water quality concerns in the Summerwood Development:

1. Who should I call if I am having problems with my water? For questions or concerns regarding Summerwood water please contact the operator M. Marlon Ivy & Associates at 281-651-1618 or Please note that posting your complaints on social media does not mean that the water company is aware of what is going on. Contacting the water company is imperative to get solutions.

2. Is the water safe to drink? Yes, the water is safe to drink. If at any time the water is not safe to drink or if it is even suspected of being unsafe you will be notified.

3. Where does the water in Summerwood come from? The Summerwood water districts obtain water from two sources: 1. Surface Water from The City of Houston, Lake Houston and 2. Ground Water - Deep water wells located within Summerwood. These two water sources have very different chemical make-up and blending of the two water sources creates a number of operational challenges.

4. Why do I see fire hydrants running? Fire hydrants are run to flush the water distribution system. This flushing is done in order to maintain water quality and to ensure that the water is safe to drink at all times. The districts are currently performing a directional flush and a free chlorine conversion of the distribution system.

5. What is a directional flush of the distribution system and why is it done? A directional flush of the distribution system is a systematic cleaning of the water mains. The process involves turning off mainline water valves and rerouting flow patterns to increase velocity in the pipes and then flushing the fire hydrants and dead-end blow off valves.

6. Why is my water off-colored/red sometimes? The water the Districts pump from the wells has naturally occurring iron. When the iron in the water oxidizes it can produce red water. The iron will build up slowly on the inside of the water mains and when the pipes are flushed it breaks free and can cause the water to be off colored.

7. What do I do if I wash my clothes and they are stained by the water? Do not dry the clothes. Call the operator and they can deliver a special detergent that you can use to

8. Why is the pressure low sometimes? Some customers may experience lower than normal pressure during the fire hydrant and end-of-line flushing. If you are experiencing lower than normal pressure please call the operator to make sure there

9. Why is the chlorine taste and/or odor in the water more than normal? In order to prevent possible bacteriological regrowth in the distribution system from time to time we have to convert from a chloramine residual to a free chlorine residual. The amount of chlorine we are adding to the water is the same, but the free chlorine residual has a more distinct taste and odor.

10. Why is chlorine added to the drinking water? Chlorine is added to the water as a disinfectant. Disinfecting the water is an important part of the water

11. When will the directional flush be complete? The directional flushing should be completed by July 19th.

12. How often is the water tested? Daily, weekly, monthly, and annually per TCEQ and EPA standards.

13. What is the water tested for? The water is tested for chemicals and organic substances per the guidelines of the TCEQ. To be removed from this community email click here to log into your community site. Navigate to your online profile and deselect the option indicating that you want to receive community emails/distributions.

Trash Can Fine Policy

Trash Can Fine Policy
New Policy Regarding the Storage of Trash Receptacles:

Exhibit D of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Summerwood contain a guideline regarding the storage of trash receptacles in the Summerwood community. The guideline reads as follows:

Trash Collection. All trash and household garbage shall be placed in sanitary refuse containers constructed of metal, plastic, or masonry materials with tight fitting sanitary covers or lids and stored in an area adequately screened from public view by planting or fencing between regularly scheduled collection days.

Unfortunately, the public storage of trash receptacles continues to be our biggest violation with over 3,300 instances so far in 2013. In an effort to keep Summerwood beautiful and encourage members to follow the guideline, the Board of Directors recently adopted a policy that provides for the levying of fines for continued violations.

The Association shall send each owner with a trash container violation a written notice of the violation with a reasonable deadline to cure the violation. Should the trash receptacle remain in view after the initial deadline, a notice will be sent to the owner by certified mail. The certified notice shall describe the violation, the fine(s) and the owner’s rights. The notice will provide a clear and reasonable deadline to cure the violation and avoid the fine. If the violation is not corrected after the deadline set forth in the certified notice, a fine of $25.00 will be assessed. Any reoccurrence or additional violations within six month period of the initial notice will result in a second fine of $50.00. 

The enforcement of this policy will go into effect January 1, 2014. A copy of this policy has been posted in the community documents under Policies and Procedures for your review.

You can also view it by clicking here.

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