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Proposed Gated Community Plan
 As part of the Treasure Island Beautification Plan which began in the spring of 2017, the Capital Improvement Committee unanimously approved and requested a feasibility study be completed on the concept of constructing a gated entrance at the intersection of Admiral Benbow Lane and Royal George Circle. Upon the approval of this recommendation, the Board of Directors engaged engineers and consultants to produce studies and design concepts for a Gated Community Plan.  Upon the completion of the feasibility studies, the Gated Community Plan was presented to the membership at a Town Hall Meeting held at the Ski Lodge, 225 Ski Lodge Road, McQueeney, Texas on March 17, 2018.

To view a summary of the Treasure Island Beautification Plan, please click here.

At the January 2018 Board of Directors meeting, a motion to move forward with the Treasure Island Beatification Plan was approved with the stipulation that a membership vote would take place on the proposition of a Proposed Gated Community Plan and a request to fund the improvements thereof.   GATED COMMUNITY PLAN   The Gated Community Plan shall require for the Association to amend the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, referenced herein as “DCCR” to include the ownership and all future costs associated with the maintenance of all existing streets, bridges (internal bridges only) and site improvements therein currently maintained and owned by Guadalupe County, Texas. In addition, the DCCR will require the modification of Section 4.5 wherein the annual assessment shall be increased to $0.06 per square foot of each Members Lot.  The increase in the annual assessment is required to help pay for the additional capital improvement costs and increases in the monthly operational expenses for a gated community.   Therefore, the vote requested by the Association will direct and authorize the Board of Directors to move forward with the Gated Community Plan which includes all legal considerations and requirements to create a private and gated community.  These requirements include but shall not be limited to the approval from all governmental entities, and the authorization to have the Association General Council to modify the DCCR to reflect the same. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A VOTE TO AMEND THE DCCR AT THE CURRENT TIME THAT VOTE WILL COME AT A LATER DATE ONCE THE GOVERNMENTAL APPROVALS ARE COMPLETED.

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